Why Does My Car Smell Weird? 5 Smells that Mean it is Time for a Repair

The complex vehicles on the road today have many ways of telling us that it is time for auto repair. They can generally be detected using one of our senses, including smell. Different smells can indicate an array of problems that your vehicle could be having. Use this quick guide to identify 5 common smells that mean trouble for your car, truck or SUV and then make an appointment to have the issue taken care of before it gets worse.

Dirty Laundry Smell

If it smells like a dirty gym bag in your vehicle there is a strong chance you have mildew or mold growth in your AC or heater system. This can usually be resolved by turning your heaters up full blast with the windows down to dry out the system.

Burning Oil Smell

Okay, no fancy name for the smell for this one. If oil is leaking from your engine to onto a hot exhaust manifold you will be able to smell the oil bubbling and burning. It may be reminiscent of oil used for deep frying. You may also see smoke coming from under the hood as the oil sizzles away.

Gas Station Stench

You know how the gas pumps always smell like, well, gasoline? If you can smell gas, usually when the car is parked inside or in warm weather outdoor parking, you may have a fuel leak, in either vapor or liquid form, either of which can be very dangerous. It is likely coming from a fuel-injection line, a faulty gas cap allowing gas to evaporate or the fuel tank vent hose. Make an appointment with your local auto shop right away.

Maple Smell

This sweet smell means you have a coolant leak. Coolant has a very sugary smell that attracts animals, but the liquid is also very poisonous, and of course, the lack of coolant in your car puts you at risk of overheating and causing major problems.

Campfire Smell

Remember learning to drive a clutch and the smell it would create when you held the clutch it too long as you hit the gas? If the smokey smell of burning paper occurs after you've become a veteran of stick shift driving it means that it is time for a clutch replacement or at least an adjustment.

If you encounter any odd smells while operating your vehicle don't delay having the issue checked out. To have these smells properly diagnosed bring your car in for auto repair in Covina bring your car or truck Hye Tech Auto. Our professional technicians will be able to diagnose the issue and have you one your way in no time Call Hye Tech Auto today at (626) 332-5452 to make an appointment for auto maintenance in Covina today!

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