Three Signs Your Clutch is Wearing Out

Signs Clutch is Wearing OutIt's an unfortunate truth that every driver of a manual transmission car will one day wear out the clutch and need to get a replacement. It doesn't happen often -- a clutch will last, at a very conservative estimate, between 30 and 50 thousand miles, and it's not uncommon for them to last almost double that amount if operated in a forgiving way with regular automotive maintenance. But when your clutch is approaching its final hours, you'll be able to feel it happen pretty easily if you simply look out for these three warning signs of imminent clutch failure:

#1: Gear Slippage and Difficulty Changing Gears

A gear 'slips' when it fails to properly keep the transmission engaged during operation -- you'll experience this is as the engine going into high revolutions without accelerating the car. What's happening is that the power from the engine isn't being transferred to the gear -- the clutch clips out of gear. Similarly, a worn clutch will have difficulty engaging with a gear during a shift, resulting in a grinding noise and sensation.

#2: A Burning Smell Accompanies Shifting

As the clutch wears out, friction will increase, leading to increased temperatures and residue burn off, resulting in a distinctive metallic burning smell that goes hand in hand with a badly worn clutch.

#3: 'Clutch Chatter' While Driving

Clutch breakdown can make its surfaces uneven and unbalanced -- this results in a very noticeable chattering sound while the vehicle is at speed. It's often accompanied by gear slippage to some degree.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you're getting down to the very last hours of your clutch's lifespan -- you should have it replaced as soon as possible before your clutch fails completely -- imagine being unable to move into any gear while in rush hour traffic! It's a very serious problem. But if you take your vehicle into an honest and reputable shop that specializes in clutch replacement, there's a strong chance your problem can be solved within a day or two. For Covina, California there's no better shop for competitively priced clutch replacements than Hye Tech Auto, Covina's leading repair and diagnostics shop. Before you wear out your clutch entirely, call Hye Tech Auto at (626) 332-5452 and schedule a diagnostic that'll tell you exactly what kind of shape your clutch is in. Save even more with these online special offers!

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