3 Do-It-Yourself Auto Maintenance Tips

Owning a vehicle can be extremely beneficial to your everyday needs. Whether you use it strictly for pleasure or for your daily commute to work, it provides you with reliable transportation, generally with minimal maintenance. The key word here is minimal. Every car will require regular maintenance in order to continue to provide you with a safe and reliable ride. Luckily, even for the non-mechanical type there are several maintenance services that can be taken care of in the comfort of your own driveway, after a quick trip to the auto repair shop. Doing these services at home will often end up saving you time and money. Of course if you have any trouble with these services you should always bring your vehicle to your local auto repair shop to ensure they are completed correctly.

Air Filter Replacement

One of the easiest DIY auto maintenance services you can complete is the replacement of the air filter. The filter is often located in a square plastic casing under your hood that is held together by metal clamps that usually do not require any special tools to undo. Simply unclip the box, remove the dirty filter and install the new one and ensure the clamps are tightly fastened before closing the hood.

Battery Maintenance

If your car is giving you intermittant electrical trouble, including starting issues, check your battery terminals and battery cables for corrosion. Corrosion will appear as a crusty white residue on the terminals. If you notice any of this material forming you can easily clean it off to restore the connection. First of all remove the battery cables, starting with the negative cable. Next use a corrosion removal fluid from your local parts store, or try baking soda and water, and scrub the ends of the battery cables and the terminals with a wire brush. Rinse the connections with fresh water and dry with a towel then reconnect the cables to the terminals. It is recommended you wear some sort of protective glove during the cleaning process.

Fuel Filter Replacement

If you're feeling a bit more mechanically inclined you can replace the fuel filter at home. In most vehicles this is a relatively simple process and all you will need is a flathead or Phillips screwdriver, depending on your vehicle and/or an open ended wrench. Before replacing the filter locate the fuse that controls the fuel pump. Start your vehicle and remove the fuse, the vehicle should turn off if you removed the right fuse, as fuel will no longer be able to flow to the engine. Doing this relieves pressure in the fuel system. Use your owners manual to locate your fuel filter, but most are easy to spot under the hood. The filter is generally held by hose clamps on each side and often only require a screwdriver to loosen. While unscrewing these clamps use a rag to cover the openings to ensure any spilled gasoline does not spray over you or the engine. To complete the replacement just unscrew each side, remove the filter from the fuel lines and install the new filter, generally using new clamps, rubber hose connections and washers.

By completing these simple do it yourself services you will keep your car running great and save money. However, you should never attempt services that you don't feel comfortable completing. For any auto maintenance in Covina that you need assistance with bring your vehicle to Hye Tech Auto. We can conduct nearly any service for your car or truck! Call us today at (626) 332-5452 to schedule an appointment for professional auto repair in Covina today!

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