Excessive Exhaust

The exhaust leaving a newer vehicle can hardly be detected by sight. The low amount of emissions is a strong indication of an engine that is running well. This means that if you notice high levels of exhaust coming from your tailpipe you can bet on some sort of engine trouble. A lot can be determined about what the problem may be based on the exhaust's characteristics, namely its color. As soon as you realize your car is pouring smoke out of its tailpipe be sure to head into the auto repair shop to have the issue properly diagnosed and repaired.

Black Smoke

If your vehicle is producing large clouds of thick black smoke it is more than likely burning excessive amounts of gasoline. One of the main reasons this happens is because of leaking fuel injectors and this will often be the first place a technician will look to see if a problem can be detected. However it can be caused by many other issues within the fuel system, such as a clogged fuel return line or a stuck fuel pressure regulator. If you drive an older car with a carburetor you will want to make sure the choke is not stuck open! Black smoke issues need to be treated immediately, if they aren't they are sure to cause more extensive damage resulting in a need for expensive engine or exhaust component repairs.

Blue Smoke

An oil leak that is dripping into the combustion chamber will result in blue smoke escaping from the tail pipe. There are many places a leak may spring that will result in this happening. Hopefully it is caused by a leaking valve seal or a stuck PCV valve, as each of these can be repaired rather quickly and a cost much lower than other internal leaks. A worn cylinder wall or piston ring can also allow for oil to enter the combustion chamber, but each of these often indicate that a much larger repair will be necessary. Be sure to combat these issues by conducting routine oil changes and other scheduled maintenance on time.

White Smoke

Continuous white smoke coming from your exhaust generally means there is coolant leaking into the combustion chamber. Almost anything that causes this issue will require major engine repair, such as a cracked engine block, blown head gasket or busted cylinder head. However you may also experience white smoke if the weather outside is very cold, which is normal.

If you car tends to pump out clouds of colorful filth be sure to take it to an auto repair shop that will work quickly to get the engine issue fixed. For expert engine repair in Covina contact the team at Hye Tech Auto. We offer full service repairs for most makes and models, including engine repair, transmission service and general auto maintenance. Give us a call at (626) 332-5452 to schedule high quality, affordable auto repair in Covina today!

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